Chad Cuvo

Appalachian Regional Sales Manager
About Chad Cuvo
Chad is the Appalachian Regional Sales Manager at UPSCO and has been with the organization for 7 years. He came to UPSCO specializing in corrosion, having obtained his CP and CIP certificates from NACE, as well as spending just shy of 10 years working in a pipe coating plant. He provides solutions to his customers by means of prefabricated meter sets, corrosion products, safety items, natural gas tooling, amongst the many other items that UPSCO carries. He is also one of the creators of the webcast Connections. For Life. And a founder of the UPSCO EXPO series of online training and education. Chad resides in Columbus, OH and is mostly known as the husband to wife Lindsay. Chad has a son (Logan Cuvo) and daughter (Zoe Cuvo) and when not taping Connections. For Life. Chad spends most of his time shuffling his children to and from hockey and lacrosse.